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Goats milk amazing goats milk. Cleopatra loved bathing in milk. After using a bar of goat milk soap you will understand why!

The lactic acid in the goats milk helps strip away those yucky dead skin cells and rejuvenate with a smooth conditioned skin.  The amazing fats, vitamins and minerals all help give you that healthy glow.

Why did I decide to jump into the soap making world?

Well I had the goats, Would love to make cheese but that may be a few years off, Love staying home with my kids so prefer a at home based business and had a car accident that redirected my original career of 25+ years. 

I love art, being creative, the outdoors, and making people happy. I love the smiles that come to peoples faces with that first sniff of a glorious bar of soap. Even greater is to hear how much a bar of soap has helped their skin out. For that you can check out my testimonials page

There are no chemicals added to our soaps here at Bouncing Goat Soap. No Parabens. No detergents like the commercial brands use. No plastics wrapping your bars.

Ingredients you can pronounce the names of! I want to know what is in the products I chose to eat and put on my skin and I know many of you do also.  Did you know that truly I do not have to put the ingredients on my labeling? But the label reader in me just has to! Our bars have Limited ingredients from beneficial essential oils, carrier oils and luxurious butters.

All soaps are made using the cold process method and made in small batches. 

Since they are hand cut weights they will vary but are accurately labeled. 

Soap is a bit like cheese or wine.  It needs to age.  So some soap listed may need to wait until its release date to be shipped.  While it is aging it is stored on curing racks and turned when needed.

Have an idea for a soap and would like some custom made? Send me a email with your idea and I will get you a custom price for the order.


Take a look at all the fun goat milk soaps that are made right here at Bouncing Goat Soap! All hand milked, hand crafted, hand cut and wrapped.

Our luxurious goat milk soap cleans and conditions your skin. It is truly amazing. My family will never use that store bought stuff again!

Try some GOAT SOAP your skin will thank you!

Thank you!


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