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Summer Peach

Summer Peach

Imagine.......Sitting at a neighborhood barbeque. Over in the yard is a cute little tree and it has peaked your interest. What are those orange fruits growing? You walk over and what you find is a peach tree ready for picking. Oh the aroma is so enticing. Sweet juicy luscious Peaches!


Now you can Escape to summer regardless of what time of year it is!


Summer Peach is just like that freshly picked luscious juicy fruit. One of the top selling of the fruity bars.


Visually beautiful vibrant bar.


All of the soap at Bouncing Goat Soap is going to make your skin so very happy. Leaving it feeling soft and luxurious.

The booster........the different blends of essential oil aromas.


Bars weigh around 5 ounces. Being that these are made in small batches and hand cut the weight can vary from bar to bar and batch to batch.



Ingredients: Olive oil, Goats Milk, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor oil, tallow, Grapeseed oil, Peach fragrance

    Shipping 1-3 weeks after purchase
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