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Creating luxurious, creamy, fresh,natural hand crafted soap.

Make your skin HAPPY with a bar of our soap!

Make your skin Happy again!

Hand Hygiene

Our soap is different - it's made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin, and we're committed to sustainability, so we've ditched the plastic packaging. Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals and waste, and hello to a healthier, more eco-friendly way to care for your skin.


No Fragrance

THREE amazing choices for sensitive skin types

Honey Goat: Filled with amazing local raw honey

Honey Goat Oat: Same great honey just with added fine ground oats

Simply Naked: Just great glorious goat milk, butters and oils added

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Essential oils only

Essential oils are AMAZING products

So MANY choices!

From lovely Honey Goat Lavender and all the lavender blends. Destress is my FAVORITE.

Fresh MINTS: Starry Night, Eucalyptus Spearmint

CRISP citrus: Good Morning Beautiful and Lemongrass

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For Him

He may love any smell but these are some of the TOP choices for men

Woodsman: The number one seller with the guys.

Pine Tar: Another great outdoorsy rich pine scent

Grubby Goat: Amazing mechanics bar that does not dry out your hands

Peace & Harmony: Rich earthy Sandalwood blended with peaceful Lavender

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Yummy fragrances

Limited Fragrance oils used

A few of the top selling floral's are fragrance oils


Why are essential oils not used? Because there is no essential oil made from these few varieties.

Top floral: Lilac and Honeysuckle

Fun Fruits: Green Apple and Summer Peach. Mmmmm they smell so scrumptious!

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I love love love this soap! I have super sensitive skin and these have done wonders for me. I didn't tell my husband I was using it and after 2 weeks he said"what are you putting on your skin? it's so soft and almost looks like it's glowing!" 🙌🙌😏 It lathers well and the scents are amazing! Our whole household now uses it. We will definitely be purchasing more!

—  Brandi

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